rib belt universal

MRP : 325

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This Rib Belt is designed for the thoracic and upper abdominal region. It helps compress and bind the rib cage during rib fractures and postoperative care, while also allowing enough flexibility for comfortable breathing. The lightweight and thin construction improves patient compliance. The belt may help compress and hold the surgical incisions during coughing and help alleviate the pain., it can be placed at the site of fracture in order to enhance the splinting action and holding of the fractured ribs, it also helps improve immobilization and promotes healing. In addition to this, the highly porous elastic webbing improves ventilation and makes the wearer feel comfortable. The belt also features a broad hook and loop tape panel which helps in better holding and size adjustability. It also prevents buckling or rolling over and offers controlled compression. The belt is easy to wear and remove, has a long functional life and can easily be used inside clothes..