sacro lumber belt super

MRP : 650

Current price : ON DEMAND

sizes: S M L XL 2XL


Adds pressure to the intra-abdominal area. Provide stability to the spine. Recommend to people suffering from moderate to severe pain, Helps in a certain degree of immobilization of facet joints Reduces pain to allow continuation of normal activities. Speeds up the healing process. The pressure exerted by a lumbar spine belt helps in stretching the erector spine muscles. This belt can also be used to support the lower back while exercising. Provides stability to lumbar and sacral regions of the back, Can be used when performing actions like lifting and handling heavy items, Can also be used when playing sports, Restricts back movement to aid treatment of back problems.Broad hook loop panel ensure easy application & multiple adjustment. three panel elastic webbing allow ventilation ,enhance comfort. Elastic made up of heat resistant rubber & highly durable so long last .