orthopedic heel pad donut

MRP : 425

Current price : ON DEMAND

sizes: universal


donut cut out area provides gel aided air cushioning to heel spurs. prevents shock absorption by ~ 50% & loss of body alignment. pain with heel spur (bone outgrowth beneath heel) . sensitive heels. • RELIEVE HEEL PAIN EFFECTIVELY: Relieve your heel pain for plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, bone spur, flat feet, high arch, shin splints, tendonitis, and any other heel disorders. Premium gel heel cups provide exceptional support for the heel and ankle, reducing pain, fatigue and swelling. Reducing tension and stress with each step. • SHOCK ABSORBING CLINICALLY PROVEN - Evenly distributes the pressure created with each step. Re-align the plantar fascia ligament that spans the sole of your foot back into a healthy position and re-cushion the natural fat pad of your worn heels. Reduces foot strain and provides additional support for ankle muscles to alleviate fatigue. The comfortable gel massages the heel and provides superior shock absorption relief.